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Why is Organic Food Good for You?

We all know that going “organic” should be a leg up, but why exactly is that so? And What happens when Food is being elevated from Everyday-food to Organic Food? Does it really live up to the media hype that it has garnered over the years? These are the reasons why organic food are by far, as good as it sounds.

1. Organic Food is Good for Your Health

For the past few centuries, agriculture uses a huge number of chemicals to stimulate food growth. These chemicals range from fungicides, herbicides and insecticides and traces of them are usually found inside our food. The downside is that they literally poison our body. Harmful effects include cancer, infertility and fetal damage, just to name a few. Organic farming cuts down on the use of these synthetic pesticides (a.k.a things that kill you softly and slowly) and thereby substantially reduce these hazards to our health.

2. Organic Food is Good for the Environment

Continuing our lengthy point on pesticides. These things are also a harm to the environment, causing soil and water contamination. They can even be deadly toxins to birds, fish, beneficial insects and non-target plants, rendering these into becoming collateral damage. The vastness of the influence of pesticides has long been documented, with the U.S. Geological Survey estimating that more than 90 percent of water and fish samples from all streams containing more than one type of pesticides. Biodiversity is on these pesticides’ “to-kill list” before the prevalence of organic food. Now organic food saves the day since it does not contain any pesticides in its production.

3. Organic Meat and Milk are Richer in Certain Nutrients

Thanks to its organic farming methodologies, organic food is usually richer in nutrient content compared to conventional food choices. Organic meat and milk, for example, have about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids, a type of unsaturated healthy fat in order to boost our body’s energy. Relax, the type of fat that really gets us fat is the saturated fat. Our body needs more unsaturated than saturated fat. So this is definitely good news to everyone, including those who are conscious about their health.

4. Organic Food Tastes Better – and That’s Science Speaking

“Organic Food has a better taste!” This is no longer just an emotional and intuitive argument, at least not according to the British Journal of Nutrition, which provided an analytical and scientific backing for this claim. Since organic food contains higher antioxidant levels, so goes for the “organoleptic” (forget about it) qualities, like aroma, taste and the culinary sensation as your palates are instantly satisfied by a better-tasting food choice.

At least now we know that the hype around organic food is not without its reasons. Let’s share our love for organic food, so more of our friends can enjoy a healthier and tastier culinary experience.

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