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In this greener and greener society that we’re living in, “bamboo products” is a phrase we are more and more acquainted with. What is exactly behind this bamboo-craze we’re witnessing nowadays? Is it really as good as it sounds? Spoiler alert, it is! And here’s why.

1. Bamboo is environmentally-friendly

Bamboo protects our environment in a huge number of ways. It has a short life cycle and can be harvested in 4 years, meaning that we don’t need to worry about bamboo deforestation. Commercial wood, however, takes around 25 years to grow. Bamboo is also cultivated in the presence of very little water and the absence of pesticides, while a single cotton T-shirt can use up to 2,700 litres of water and a crazy amount of pesticides. Bamboo is a better air purifier in the sense that it releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent strand of hardwood trees. Now you know why bamboo is a part of the green movement.

2. Bamboo is user-friendly

Bamboo flooring costs the same as oak woods, meaning that going green doesn’t cost you an extra buck, and for the same amount of money, bamboo is softer due to its natural silk-like surface and more comfortable than cotton because of its stronger water-absorbing nature. It even provides a strong UV protection, so you ladies out there (and men of course) don’t need to be afraid of the sun. As for the bamboo shoots every chic person in town has been talking about lately, they’re both pleasing to the palate, with its divine but just-the-right-amount sweetness, and protective of one’s health, thanks to its rich dietary fiber. 

3. Bamboo is friendly to the economy

Bamboo agriculture is mostly found in Southeast Asian regions like India and Pakistan, areas where we usually hear about the tragedies of poverty and social instability. The economy and the environment are not always at odds, choosing to use bamboo is the best example. If we can help by using bamboo products and tell our friends how great it is to use bamboo products, bamboo agriculture in these less developed countries can continue to grow. Where there are more jobs, there is hope. And we all hope for a better future for these poverty-stricken economies.

So hopefully all these points can illustrate to you how far-reaching the influence of bamboo products can be. As a global citizen, we should all start to do something about the Earth. And using these fascinating bamboo products is definitely a great start!

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