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Green tips to help you up your coffee game

Many of us survive on coffee, not being able to get through an arduous day of work without getting that much-needed kick from our morning cup of joe. To put it simply, it’s our lifeblood. Yet, something so essential to our lives has the potential of doing some damage. The rapid growth of mega coffee chains and instant coffee options in the last couple of decades has placed a huge burden on the plastic economy. With a little bit of effort, however, we can get back to consumption habits that are more sustainable. Here’s a look at how:

Work up a sweat

With our tiring work schedules to balance, instant coffee options like pods and single-serving packets seem very enticing. However, to say the packaging for these products are not environmentally friendly would be a huge understatement. These pods and packets are usually made from a combination of aluminum and plastic, rendering them impossible to recycle. So instant coffee really isn’t worth it.

Invest in a manual grinder and french press to brew your own coffee. You’ll have to wake up a little earlier and work for your coffee, but the process can be surprising therapeutic and the end result will be worth it. Nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, right? 

Bulk up

Many products found in supermarkets today make it easy for us to be lazy - none more so than single-serving packs of items like cream and sugar. Does having our cream and sugar already measured out and pre-packed make things that much easier? Not really. Yet the litter these items produce to provide you with that marginal increase in convenience is massive. Switch out of these single-serving items and get your coffee condiments package-free from bulk stores. Your morning routine will not be disrupted by the slightest.

Stir things up

Those plastic sticks we use to stir our coffee - how did those ever become a thing? With a regular tea spoon able to do the exact same job, these stirrers are possibly one of most unnecessary waste of resources invented in the last century. Stop using this needless plastic polluter. We all have spoons.

Use reusables

Many side-products used to create our morning cup of coffee seem to be tossed out without us even giving a second thought. Coffee pods and filters, for example, are more often than not thrown away after once - their use and abuse taken for granted as a by-product of our coffee fix. If we did a bit of searching, however we would find that most of these items have reusable counterparts, so why not make the switch? Reducing our daily dependence on these disposable products can help us not only save the environment but also save a few bucks from not having to continuously replenish our supplies. These savings can really add up over time.


Don’t have enough time to brew your own cup of joe? There’s nothing inherently wrong with picking up your pick-me-up from a coffee shop. But go prepared. Bring your own reusable tumbler or mug. In America, we throw away 25 billion coffee cups each year. It’s a number that needs to be significantly reduced. Let’s do our part to make that happen.

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