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In one of our previous posts, we provided a list of materials for you to be on the lookout for as great single-use plastic alternative on your green living journey. In this post, let’s dive deeper into exploring the benefits of one of these materials: Stainless Steel.

Stainless steel is VERY long-lasting

As the name suggests, stainless steel is stain-resistant. It’s durable, sturdy, and don’t break when dropped like glass. Of all the plastic alternatives, stainless steel is probably your best bet to survive numerous knocks. It can pretty much be used in any condition and can be used to hold any type of liquid, hot old cold. 

Stainless steel is safe

Plastic contains BPA and release other harmful chemicals when reacting with whatever you put inside it. Stainless steel, on the other, doesn’t. It doesn’t leach chemicals into your drinks or food (or whatever you’re using your stainless steel product for). 

Stainless steel products can be great insulators

Unlike plastic bottles (other bottles made out of the other plastic alternatives for that matter), many stainless steel bottles are great at insulating your drinks. So you can enjoy a nice hot chocolate on a snowy winter’s day or a refreshing iced tea during the scalding hot summer. Give it up for versatility!

Stainless steel is eco-friendly

We are told that plastic is recyclable, but in reality, a lot of plastic goods we toss into recycling bins actually get rejected at the facilities and ultimately still end up in landfills. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is 100% recyclable. In fact, most stainless steel products consist of around 60% recycled parts. You can therefore sleep better after recycling your stainless steel items, knowing that it will be reincarnated into something equally awesome.

It’s clear that stainless steel products are superior to their plastic counters in all stages of their life cycle (production, use, disposal), so refuse that plastic cup today and invest in a reusable stainless steel bottle today. Invest in the future!

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