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​Benefits of Switching to Silicone Products

In one of our previous posts, we provided a list of materials for you to be on the lookout for as great single-use plastic alternative on your green living journey. In this post, let’s dive deeper into exploring the benefits of one of these materials: Silicone.

1. Silicone is long-lasting

Silicone products are outwardly sturdy and flexible, but it’s benefits go way deeper than that. It can endure extreme changes in temperatures without being destroyed, making it great for cooking. On top of this, it neither stains nor absorbs odors, maintaining its quality and reusability over time. It’s this reusability that makes silicone the perfect eco-friendly companion.

2. Silicone is good for your health

Unlike plastic, silicone is not created from crude oil. As a result, silicone also doesn’t come with a lot of the dangers it’s counterpart provides. It doesn’t contain the estrogen-mimicking BPA that the media has aggressively associated with plastic in recent memory. On top of that, it’s non-corrosive, meaning it won’t react with whatever you put in it and release other harmful chemicals.

3. Silicone is good for the economy

Supporting silicone is not just an energizer to environmental conservation, but also to a burgeoning economy. The silicone industry employs tens of thousands of workers in North America alone, and contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to the US economy. The global advancement of the silicone industry is accelerating its pace, and if we offer our support for these products, they can continue the heritage of plastic without compromising the environment.

Silicone may look like plastic and feel like plastic, but don’t let that deter you from using products made from this wonderfully eco-friendly material.

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