Frequently Asked Questions

The Kommon Goods?
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Why The Kommon Goods?

Our dedicated team of in-house designer and account managers is committed to delivering high quality products and service every step of the way. A portion of each order will also go to NGOs tackling different social issues.

How do we help corporates?
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How do we help Corporates?

Our products make perfect gifts for employees, clients, marketing events, conferences, as well as for office pantry, hotel amenities and outdoor events. By connecting corporates with social enterprises and charities, we also help fulfill your CSR commitment.

Where are the products produced?
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Where are the products produced?

We have partners all over Asia, including China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong. We go through a thorough vetting process to select our suppliers, ensuring they uphold ethical working standards and keep packaging to a minimum.

How much time
does an order take?
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How much time does an order take?

We recommend you to place an order at least two months in advance. If your timeline is tight, reach out and we’ll try to make it work!