Cassava Bags

We work with a partner in Indonesia to produce a whole new generation of "plastic bags" - that involves NO PLASTIC.


Cassava is a natural material that is abundant in supply in SE Asia. Bags made from it are bio-degradable in landfill and the ocean. It does not cause harm to animals and humans, or contaminate the food chain.

Why are cassava bags eco-friendly?



While it takes thousands of years for plastic to decompose, Cassava Bags bio-degrades in landfill in 60-90 days, with no composting facilities needed.

Good for animals.jpeg


No plastic or PLA is involved.

The degradation process does not release toxic chemicals, and and are not harmful to humans and animals.


Abundant ingredients

Cassava is a root plant that is abundant in supply. The manufacturing process does not release toxic chemicals.

What can Cassava Bags be used for?


Shopping bags

Suitable for retail shops, malls,

and markets


Bin Liners

Suitable for households

and offices


Laundry bags

Suitable for hotels

and laundry stores

All types are customisable to your branding.

Please contact us for certifications, order quantity and more details.