What We Do

At The Kommon Goods, we design and customise eco-friendly lifestyle goods to help you fulfil your business’ environmental commitments.

Affordability and Accessibility

We produce sustainable lifestyle goods that make transitioning to greener practices affordable and convenient. There is an increasing awareness of the need to do better for our environment, but many eco-friendly products in the market are still a premium luxury. With the firm belief that the choice to live sustainably should belong to everyone, we created The Kommon Goods.

Quality and Standards

We believe that eco-friendly products should be better for the planet but also be appealing and provide a great experience for the user. We’ve done the research for you to curate a selection of products that we love to use. We ensured our suppliers have their products certified and are willing to work with us to avoid plastic when shipping out their goods to us.

Commitment to The Environment

While promoting the use of plastic alternatives with our products, we are constantly working towards a more sustainable and ethical supply chain, and we strive to give back to the best of our ability. We donate 10% of all profits to The Nature Conservancy which would go towards their conservation programs.